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Horizon Europe: The Program Structure Explained

Horizon Europe is the European Commission’s key funding program for financing European research and innovation projects. The program is built on 3 pillars: excellent science, global challenges, and innovative Europe. Learn more about its structure and find out who can apply for this funding in this article.

When should you consider implementing ERP?

ERP is a software system that manages and integrates all company’s core processes like finance, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource into one single system. Find out why your company should or should not implement this system.

The biotech M&A landscape: a post-covid perspective

In the equity markets, the major biotech indices have outperformed almost every sector and hit all-time highs in 2020. However, biotech is more than just a pandemic story. The investment case for biotechnology and healthcare is underpinned by scientific advances and demographic factors.

Excel and the future of forecasting

With an estimated 800 million users, Excel is one of the most used applications worldwide. In effect it is the #1 platform for analyzing data, finding information, preparing charts and presenting them to stakeholders.

The pros and cons of offshoring your financial services

Offshoring means that a part of the finance process is executed in lower wage countries. This way of improving the finance process might achieve major gains, but also had some potential pitfalls. We share the pros and cons of offshoring you financial services in this article.